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    From Facebook:

    facebook event page

    Palm is headed to the Jersey Shore! Come out to test drive the latest Palm phones and score a chance to win one of ten Palm Pre Plus phones per day. Just look for the Palm branded Smart Cars. Click the link for details and see you there. Multiple times and locations detailed after the break!

    Thursday June 24, 2010
    Long Beach Island 3pm-7pm

    Friday June 25, 2010
    Point Pleasant Beach and Boardwalk 12pm3pm & 4pm-8pm

    Saturday June 26, 2010
    Atlantic City Boardwalk 12pm3pm & 4pm-8pm

    Sunday June 27, 2010
    Seaside Beach & Boardwalk 12pm3pm & 4pm-8pm
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    I'm still waiting for them to come visit me in Houston!
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    fist pumpin' new jersey. To bad I'll be in pittsburgh. Or else I would take the 2 hr drive this weekend.
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    I got to see them today in Atlantic City! Got a case, t-shirt and lip balms good quality stuff! It was really awesome, wanted to help them shout the praises for the phone!

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