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    There are sooo many permutations of what to call the new HP + Palm entity that I think there should be a standard consensus. "HPalm" I think sounds the best and avoids all the hyphens and colons etc. What do you all think?
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    I think that all the hilarity will be for naught. The mother company will still be called HP in the end, and I'm almost sure that they're gonna keep releasing devices under the Palm name, which will by then simply be a brand acquired and used by HP.

    I can well imagine a future where the average, non-techie end consumer might not even realize that Palm is actually a subdivision of HP, or that HP is in the mobile game in the first place.

    I dunno, what do YOU think? They could just as well put the Palm brand in a trunk in the back of their closet and market the heck out of HP webOS...

    I really don't see a "name merger" happening except on message forums like these - But even then I foresee these HPalm things to be quite short-lived. Remember when Apple started using Intel (after having touted the superiority of PowerPC for so long) and everybody talked of their new Mactel? Just like that.
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    When they bought Compaq back in the day, they took what worked with Compaq (very little) and then created a low cost computer line. Basically if you want the cheapest of the cheap from HP, you get a Compaq.

    Likely this could be the pattern we see with Palm. HP will merge WebOs into their iPaq/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet lines and create a low cost alternative under the Palm name. I don't think they will merge the names together. Afterall, HP bought Palm. This is not an equal merger.
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    I just refer to them as hp/palm until we know how branding plays out. I really don't care about too much as long as the software engineers stay around.

    And pogey, I get where you're coming from but I see no reason why hp will limit webos to lower end devices. For them, compaq was a way to sell bargain laptops without diluting their own branding in computers. As they don't have any phones out currently, the same scenario does not apply.

    As ive said many times before, I strongly feel they will do the rim thing and offer a multitude of devices on many carriers. Who really knows though.
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