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    Does anyone have the instructions for using Reset Radio and Sdrv(etc...) ? I did a search on the board only to find an expired link.

    A Handspring tech emailed the files to me after I described a poblem with my 180g where the phone occasionally cuts out for a second or two during calls (with full signal).

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    Below are instructions on using Radio Reset.

    Thank you for contacting Handspring.

    1) Attached are two uncompressed .prc files (SdrvDirectRadio.prc, and RestRadio.prc). Save them to your
    hard-drive and then use the Palm Desktop Install Tool to synchronize
    files over to your Treo. Just clicking on the files should be enough to
    start up the Install Tool.

    Only one icon will show up on your Treo, probably in the "Unfiled"
    Re-categorize as you see fit.

    2) Perform a soft reset on the Treo. You do this by unscrewing the
    tip of your Treo stylus and then inserting the flexible plastic pin
    into the
    small hole on the right hand side of the SIM door on the back of the
    3) Turn ON wireless mode by holding down the power button for a couple
    seconds until you hear the up tone. Network search may freeze, or no
    Flip appears; just tap on the OK button and see if you can proceed with
    remainder of these steps.
    4) Locate and tap on the ResetRadio app on your Treo.
    5) Wait 5 to 10 seconds
    6) Switch back to the Phone application by pressing the silver Phone
    7) Turn on Wireless mode again and see if Mr. Flip appears. It will
    take a full minute to finally find your Carrier's GSM network.
    8) Make a phone call.
    9) If this does not solve the problem, you most likely need a

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