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    TreoCentral MB is by far the most informative one-stop shop as far as message boards go, for me. I never have had a question that I could not find an answer to by researching existing threads or starting a new one. I've even but able to answer a question or two myself, if not just add an opinion here and there.

    Great Job to all the Moderators and Members!

    I would only ask that some of you take it easy on some new users that visit the site to ask questions. Not everyone may know the protocols observed on this site nor all of the functionality of the user interface.

    Some of the pompus, sarchastic, egotistical personalities here, while extremely helpful most times, rip through some people other times, deflating their urges to participate. (Sort of like the SNL character "Nick the computer I.S. Guy") relation.

    It makes me ashamed to be a Geek.

    Alittle bit of understanding at some people's ignorance is all that is asked. It could be a young kid asking the question, or someone's mom. (Or a hot chick!)

    I, on the other hand, will just sit here my own pompus, sarchastic, egotistical, & judgemental rantings. Ah, Irony.

    God Bless America!

    I apologize for leaving this post in this category. It seems to be the most visited. I understand it may be moved.
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    Thank you for the kind comments

    (wait treocentral mb, trecentral or treomb (2 different sites.. don't know where the tc mb came from)
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I don't think anyone's been pompus, sarcastic, or egotistical towards new users with legitimate questions or comments. The negative posts have only been directed towards bashers, who in some cases don't even own a Treo (or any Handspring products). They'll sit there and bash Treo and Handspring to discourage others from buying the product vindictively because they didn't get free stuff when they presented customer service with a minor grievance. Handspring is a small struggling company and needs all the customers it can get... these bashers are just trying to exploit that to get free stuff. I have no sympathy for them when another member rips into them.
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    I think another thing that might be interpretted as being mean is the insistence that people search for answers before asking questions. It does make people's lives easier. Of course responses can be taken to extremes, but I believe that we do need some sort of "search first, ask second" mentality.
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    I believe that we do need some sort of "search first, ask second" mentality.

    I believe that veterans of forums should adopt a sort of "answer first, advise second" mentality toward newbies. We can answer their questions, then tell them how we found the answer. It's less condescending than just saying, "Do a search."
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    Then how will they ever learn? ;-) Actually, I use an approach simliar to that. I'll give a short answer, and then tell them to search. For instance, if someone asks about their 270 screen not working, I'll say something like "yes, it's happened to others. If you search for threads, you will find lots of info."
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    A fine summer day...1975.
    A seven year old NickC goes to his Daddy and asks...
    "Daddy, why is the sky blue?"

    "Go look it up! Why did I spend all that money on that set of Encyclopedias for you?", he abruptly replied.
    A fine summer day....2002
    A seven year old NickC Jr. goes to his Daddy and asks...
    "Daddy, why is the sky blue with a brown haze over the skyline?"

    "Come on buddy. We'll go look it up together online." he kindly replied as he stacked some dusty old encyclopedias on a chair to use as a make-shift booster seat.

    "What's an EN-CY-CLO-PEE-DEE-AH?", NickC Jr asked.

    "That, you can ask your grandfather", he said as a single tear fell from his eye.
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    I don't get it NickC. Is your post an explanation for why your life was so terrible growing up, or an illustration of how your son will never be able to figure things out on his own?

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    It's either an illustration of how I'll show my imaginary son how to go about figuring out things on his own or a cry to my father who ran out on us before my birth. Saying to him, even a crappy father would be better than none!



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