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    I scanned for this and didn't find it... Are there any options to refuse "No caller ID Available" calls on the Treo (270?)

    I have voicestream in Oregon.


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    Hmm, that seems like an issue that can be managed both on the carrier side and the device side. On the device side, I know of no current app that enables that functionality (but seems like a good idea for a developer to create).

    On the carrier side, it is possible to block incoming calls that do not provide caller ID. Happens all the time with landline phones. With Pacific Bell (now part of SBC), the option for landline no-caller-ID blocking is called "Anonymous Call Rejection".,00.html Elsewhere, it may be called something else. There's also a feature called "Privacy Manager" that asks callers without caller ID to identify themselves verbally. The recipient's phone rings, the system plays back the recording of the person's name, and the recipient can go on their merry way of accepting or rejecting the call.,00.html

    So it is possible. But we're talking about landline, not wireless.

    Now, whether or not this is available with WIRELESS carriers is another matter. Anybody know?

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