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    I am a new ownen of a Treo 270. I am looking for a program to manage my mails and attachements overall jpeg files (i want to visualize them too). Which is the best program around.

    Here in Italy the gprs navigation is still free of charge and this is my only problem with the Treo: when really the GPRS upgrade will be available? Will be real or is only a dream? If so I will sell my Treo immediatly.

    Thanks to all
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    Hi MotoMax

    See my other post to you re. email attachment program.

    On the hot question about GPRS. It will be here - someone mentioned end of September which sounds about right.

    I am BETA testing it at the moment in Switzerland and although there are a few bugs still, it's very good and worth waiting for so don't sell your wonderful machine just yet....
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    it's beta testing and works well.

    Sept? Ha. Right December 2002.

    I mentioned this before.


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