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    I've got my Treo 270 all loaded up, just the way I like it with TreoMail, BugMe Messenger, Beweweled, TV Browser, Tiggle Toggle, X-Master (for ClockPop) and Yahdice. All of my contacts and dates are synched with Outlook and I'm getting ready to leave town. I'm scared that if I have to do a hard reset while I'm gone (this happened one other time when I was away) that I will not have any of my apps or contacts available. Is there any program out there that backs up the Treo to a website where I can then access it whilst away? Any other options? Lovin' this gadget!
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    Get BackupBuddy;
    It is $29.00, but, that is a small price to pay if you need to do a complete restore.
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    Backup buddy is a start, but not a total solution.

    Have you tried syncing wirelessly? You will have to put your connection info in a safe place to re-set up your treo, but once setup, you can sync wirelessly and get your stuff back.

    I have synced wirelessly, but never from an empty treo. That might take forever. :-)

    Your PC will have to be setup to accept syncs over the network and/or a modem.
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    Read this story and see this thread .
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    Thanks PDA Envy and others for your input. That Flash solution sounds scary but tempting.
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    After having to perform a hard reset on the road, I couldn't figure out how to get an internet connection. The 270 kept telling me to enable data services using my desktop. But I was travelling without my PC! Fortunately, I was able to restore with backup buddy when I returned. Still, the inability to restore with an external backup on a flash memory product is annoying. Solutions?

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