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    I want some details on the Pre/Pixi's successor already! :*( I wish we could just have some crappy pictures of it or something.

    Does anyone else feel this way? I visit Precentral everyday hoping to find leaked photos or some sort of sign of a future webOS phone.. Maybe I'm impatient, or maybe I need to play more World Series of Poker.

    Hopefully we'll hear something this summer!
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    I agree...I keep hoping when the Precentral homepage loads I'll see something about the Pre successor. Motorola has the Droid X being hyped up after all the hoopla the HTC EVO got and the iPhone 4 is just around the corner. I know the HP/Palm merger doesn't officially close until the end of July, but give us something Palm. At this point, HP has done more talking on future devices than Palm, even if it is about tablets and not caring about smartphones, then later saying they do care. Here's hoping Palm's got something to divulge this or next month.
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    Palm has been eerily quiet. I just hope that the next gen WebOS device has OMAP3640. At least to match up with the Droid X. Palm has always been excellent at keeping their beta device info locked down so it's more of a matter of waiting for them to official announce the phone.

    My wishing specs:
    8 MP Camera
    3.7" screen with Super AMOLED
    Gorilla Glass
    QWERTY Keyboard

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    And availability in more countries, especially the Netherlands.

    Come on Palm. I am using an imported device from Germany activated in the Netherlands which means i can't buy apps.
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    I'm anxious as well! I actually ordered a iPhone 4 yesterday, but I'm canceling the service right away as it's a development phone. I'm Palm/Sprint all the way!

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