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    I really really hungry for a WebOS pad after playing Ipad for a week.
    IOS 4 is catching WebOS very fast. Should there is no crash of using Proswitcher(an app that bring Webos experience to iphone), the gesture advantage of WebOS multitasking will be very narrow.

    I must admit the Apple app store is very attractive. That doesnt mean you will use huge no.s of apps. It only means whenever special situation occurs, the possibilites of finding a special app is larger.

    How long we need to wait?
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    Well, HP has said that they really want to put WebOS on a tablet. It may be released by the end of the year.
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    raising hand high... i'll be gettting 2-3
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    Hp's device is no cheaper than Palm's. Hope it won't $499 without an camera, GPS, usb. But a memory card slot + a touchstone or touch framestand would be really nice. please.
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    a small convertible is what I would want. Wouldn't want to support a tablet in my hand for too long.
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    YES. GIMME! lol
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    As soon as I heard HP was buying Palm, I was drooling at the thought of a WebOs Slate.
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    I plan on buying @ least a tablet, if a slide out keyboard model becomes available I will DEFINITely get 3 of those.
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    I think it would be awesome to interface the WebOS smartphone and the slate together to do some extra fun stuff. Maybe like video chat or live netstreaming? Maybe the next webOS device will have a front facing camera that will allow these functions, but it would be cool if I could see the person I'm talking to on a larger screen like a tablet. Has anyone thought of trying to patch a function together to use the Pre as a webcam if it is tethered to a PC? Oh wait that is still stuck cuz we don't have the mic APIs correct?

    Well that would be the next step then I think. LOL
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    Put webOS on an EVO and you would practically have a pad right there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    There are already 10,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store. By the time a webOS slate comes out there will be 20-30,000. The tablet landscape is already being peppered with Android tablets and don't forget that Microsoft has big plans for Windows 7 on tablets. It's hard to imagine that a webOS slate will have enough software support to be competitive. Who, exactly, is going to write the apps?
    I said the same the same thing, but with WebOS being a priority for HP on slate-like devices, they must have something in mind (probably their own in-house suite of WebOS productivity apps). They wouldn't bother acquiring Palm otherwise.
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    I have no use/need/longing for an iPad, webOS tablet or any tablet for that matter. I donít see why everyone is creaming their unmentionables over these things. I have gaming notebook that does any and everything I need it to do in a convenient fairly small portable package and if I need to just look something up real quick, my Pre is always handy. Why would I need a device that is somewhere in between? Because that Apphole, Jobs, said so? Or because iPads are so popular and I donít like Apple that I need a webOS version? No thanks. Count me out.
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    I've wanted a tablet since watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'll settle for an iPad, but I want a WebOS tablet.
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    I'm not so interested in a straight up tablet, as I am in what i outlined here
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    Psssh the phone itself is hardly even established and your jumping ahead to a pad? Whats the point of having the same 20+ patches on your phone copied to your pad to rectify the same issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheVisibleShadow View Post
    I've wanted a tablet since watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'll settle for an iPad, but I want a WebOS tablet.

    I'm pretty excited that my 1000th post can tie into star trek!

    the interface they use is called LCARS and you can get it on a tablet, the n810 by nokia, or the n800 both have a kicknass version.

    there is also a pre theme, but its not been updated recently

    for a vid of the LCARS on a tablet thing

    and for your pre

    LCARS [WIP] Palm Pre Theme @ PreThemer

    enjoy! and happy 1000th to me!
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    I would welcome this if it charges off a touchstone, so I can pick up to google something, read newspaper etc.

    My Pre is still awesome, I'm just looking for a larger screen, and perhaps with lock screen that can be configurable i.e. Clock/RSS feed etc.

    I idealistically bought a sony dash to serve this need, but it's lacking (not a diss to Chumby users, Sony crippled a few things and its sad).

    Anyway, a touchstone-based webOS tablet, with the same capacitive multi-touch screen would be pure win.
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    I am definitely going to mod a WebOS tablet to mount in my Silverado for media/navigation, etc.
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    its coming Oct. 2010

    and I need one badly for work

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    I've been hungry for a large screen experience from Palm since they announced the Foleo!!
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