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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    There are already 10,000 iPad-specific apps in the App Store. By the time a webOS slate comes out there will be 20-30,000. The tablet landscape is already being peppered with Android tablets and don't forget that Microsoft has big plans for Windows 7 on tablets. It's hard to imagine that a webOS slate will have enough software support to be competitive. Who, exactly, is going to write the apps?
    Finally, someone with logic and not just a fanatic.

    When they do come out with a tablet, it needs to do more than the ipad can. If its the ipad with webOS, yea, the webOS community will love it, and it would probably be better than the iPad, but it doesn't have the APPLE name and mindless followers behind it. It needs to appeal to techies and non-techies outside of this forum.
    Also, can't take forever bcuz why would someone want a webOS tablet when they already have another name brand tablet? I have an HP laptop, I wouldn't buy an alienware laptop. Would be nice to have but I'm not spending my money when when the laptop I have works well and it does everything I want it to do...
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    please PLEASE get developers to start porting over their Plants vs Zombies and Angry i can feel completely satisfied about my webOS tablet purchase.
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    in college, I bring my gaming tower. I don't have a laptop but to bring with me to classes i'd love a webos tablet. Don't want to dish out a grand for a nice laptop.
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