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    i look at the iphone 4, and then look at my partially complete pixi and it makes me want to puke. why do i stay loyal to palm? i don't know. I think its because i like the keyboard/touchscreen combination but as palm's hardware falls further and further behind, i have to question why i stay...
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    We're not getting anything 'till after the acquisition is finalized, due to legal and stockholder issues.
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    Seriously, How Many Posts Are Gunna Be Posted About This Topic.

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    way too many
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    I understand the frustration but Palm will never talk until the deal is sealed. In the mean time you can get any phone you like. Nobody's gonna stop you.
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    o man,,everyday there is the exact same thread started,,lol
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    I am sure that this is the thread that triggers the announcement.

    Thanks to all that commented.
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