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    i am selling my treo should finish at 7:55 AM PACIFIC time tomorrow.
    I am kinda of already missing it. actually not really, i want color bad.

    I really wanna buy the color 270 and ebay seems to be LACKING them. do you believe it? ya its true. theres only like 4 or 5 270 auctions and they're all OVER-PRICED! i thought ebay was DEAL HEAVEN.

    oh well,
    it looks like i can get a cheaper 270 from or any other store for that matter if i was to sign up for a contract.
    the thing is; i already have cingular access and besides, the plans they have today are a rip off!

    would it be possible to sign a contract, get the 270 for a good price then back out? i would think they'd charge you a penalty fee or something like that.

    Oh well, this sux.

    Hey how about that Verizon Pocket PC Phone? Thera is it?
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    The Thera is $800 with a 2 year contract and you wouldn't be able to use your GSM sim card from Cingular since Verizon is CDMA.
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    I would hang in there for when avail loosens for the 270 or for when the 300 becomes avail. The Thera has received poor reviews.
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    I've seen the Thera,

    At first I was impressed, but after fooling around with it, I could see that it has limitations. Basically it is a a Pocket PC with phone features jimmy rigged in. The phone features are ok. The phonebook and the outlook contacts are actually different apps that need to be internally synced. Annoying.

    Major drawback is that you HAVE to use the phone with a headset. It works great as a speakerphone. (So good that it picked up people all the way on the other side of my huge victorian apartment). But you couldn't use it as a regular phone.

    It seems more suitable for wireless browsing. Screen is dimmer than an ipaq. One handed operation is a little bit clunky.

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    According to a review in the "Dallas Morning News" dated June 27, 2002 ...

    Here is the really really really really really bad news:

    Thera Talk time: 90 minutes
    Thera STANDBY time: 8 hours

    (that's 8 HOURS, not 8 days)

    8 hours standby time?


    (I'd link to the DMN article, but unfortunately, the article is unavailable on web because it's more than 30 days old, but it's sitting right here in front of me in printed form. Article was titled "Trying that call again" and was a review of 3 mobile devices, including Treo 180, Thera and the Nokia 9290 )

    You'd think with a 1100mAh battery that the sucker would get better life. A big kiss on the lips to anybody who can find confirmation of this horrendous battery life stat on the web ...

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