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    So, I was looking at the PIXI the other day online, and I was thinking about how its a shame that there is a huge piece of space used up for the gesture area.

    Some people want the next generation Palm phone to have a full sized screen AND a candybar style.

    This would be ridiculously large and cumbersome imo.

    So, I was thinking, what if you moved the gesture area ONTO the Pixi's keys?

    Think about it. You could make the surface of the keys touch sensitive. I am not sure how hard this would be, but there could be other advantages with this, such as corrective typing that would sense which key you are about to press before you press it, to correct mis-hit keys.

    So, in order to use the gesture area, you could swipe back and forth along the keyboard keys themselves, rather than a dedicated gesture area.

    Maybe even have the keys recess into the phone to make it easier, and then when you want to type, you double tap that area and the keys raise up mechanically. After 10 seconds of no typing, they would just recess back in slowly.

    What do you think? Then you could have a full sized screen without using up all that space for a gesture area. The area for the keys themselves become the gesture area.
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    Sounds neat, but not practical (possible?), especially the recessed/raised keyboad bit.
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    yeah a lot of my ideas arent practical lol.
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    I'ma have to agree with glasadam and say this is unrealistic...

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