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    After spending a few days chasing down the right person @ Motorola and Verzion Wireless, I am sad to report that the Motorola Timeport 270c DOES NOT HAVE AN INFRARED PORT.

    It may look like it does, but according to Motorola the phone doesn't have the internal hardware and/or software and that feature is not enabled in the CDMA version (270c).

    So you are limited to using the Treo 90 connectivity cable which will allow the Timeport 270 to be used as a modem.

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    I purchased the Timeport 270c when there was a Motorola Rep demonstrating the device to the Verizon Sales Staff.

    I specifically asked if the little dark glass piece on the top of the phone was indeed an infrared port. The Motorola Rep said YES!

    Although it is probably THE BEST phone I have ever owned in terms of reception, I was greatly disappointed when I went home. I read the manual and went thru every menu option on the phone to find out that SHE WAS WRONG!!!!

    Anyway...I used a cable from to connect with my iPaq at the time and it worked really well.

    One good thing is that the phone supports BlueTooth with a $200 add-on. The bad news is...I'm not sure if the 90 will ever be BlueTooth compatible since there is a SD slot and not a SDIO.
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    Thanks for your post... I too am disappointed. BTW, I just ordered the Bluetooth Module and Bluetooth Headset today and I got an email saying that it's on it's way to FedEx (even got a tracking number).

    I'll report back and give my impressions... I thought it was expensive but it if works, it will be worth it.

    Take care...

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