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    Does anyone else get this problem. I've experienced it on both the Treo 180 and 270 now and then, usually a couple of times a day. I dial a number and the Treo dials and displays the "cancel dialing" button, and eventually the call even picks up. But the sound never turns on - not while its dialing nor when the other person picks up. The volume is definitely up. I have to cancel the call and try again and usually it works ok. Sometimes it takes 3 calls. I'm suspecting it may be Xmaster which I use to track data calls in conjunction with CellPlan Tracker. Any ideas?
    I'm on Cingular in LA. Thanks. BTW. Does everyone have the "low volume" problem with the 270? My 180 seems a lot louder.
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    Have you tried this:

    Once the call goes though, hold the lid almost closed. For my 180 I can hear again, which probably means a bad connection inside.

    I'm still in warranty, so I won't be opening the case to see if a connector is loose.
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    Well, this morning, I got several calls. I had no sound at all from the earpiece, even when trying the speakerphone feature.

    <shrug> & <sigh> Looks like I gotta make a support call.
    Renee Roberts

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    Apparently this is a known problem. It happens to a few units per whatever, and they thought they had all of them back... obviously, they don't, or we wouldn't have the problem. A quick call to tech support will get a new unit out.
    Renee Roberts


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