Haven't been to this forum for YEEEAAARRRS I'm surprised my Firefox still remember the password.

My 700p has been on its last leg for a while, I even brought a 755p to "backup" the 700p but as it turn out it bit the bucket even sooner. The problem is the good old "treo think it has the earphone plugin even though it is not" issue. I had seen so many charger connector and 2.5mm jack problems I was not less bit surprised.

Anyhoo I wanted to make it to Oct just because I want to say I use the same phone for 4 years. However the phone lost all its 4 major buttons and the power button after a hiking session. So basically I can use the phone when I unplug and plug in the battery, but I can not go to home, switch app and turn on the phone after it is off! Truly a classic treo problem!

Sprint has been very cheap for me but its time to move on. I have a Verizon Droid on order, I will be using it on Page Plus Prepaid. It will be very cheap for my low voice usage. I also have an activated iPad sim card with its cheap data plan. I haven't decided want to do with it yet. I could get an iPad, or the Dell Mini 5. I probably will just use it on a used iPhone for now until the Mini 5 drop in price.

Anyway if there is anybody still in the Treo forum (tumbleweed rolls by), I appreciate you reading this post. I have been a Palm user on and off since Palm IIIc. It's been fun but the digital age evolve very fast. You got to stay on the top of the wave.