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    What do i need to run Java Apps on my Treo 270?

    thx orangebutton
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    as far as I know, there is no way to run Java apps on a Palm OS device. There are no JVMs for Palm OS that can take any old Java app and run it.

    There is, however, a JVM specifically for mobile devices, including PalmOS, called SuperWABA. But you have to develop java apps specifically for it, since it doesn't support the full Java feature set. If you want to develop for Palm, and you already know Java, then this is worth looking into:

    If you're hoping to take a java game or app from your PC and put it on your palm, then forget it. Something like that might come around in several months after OS5/ARM palms are out and in use. In fact, I think I remember a new announcement to that effect. But it's not going to happen on whatever dragonball powered Palm you're using now.
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    Ever heard of

    IBM WebSphere Micro Environment for PalmOS

    I think that is what im looking for but Ill try what you posted thx for your help

    cu orangebutton
    Slower than my NR70 was but i love my Treo 270......
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    that looks like very much the same kind of thing as superWABA. It's a JRE/JVM, but it has limitations such that you'll need to specifically code a program to work with it. It's not a fully compliant JRE like for a desktop PC, so you won't be taking java applets off the web and running them on your Palm.
    If you're looking for a Java based environment to develop for, then that's great. I just want to make sure other people reading this thread understand that they can't take a PopCap game and run it on their Palm with these things. ;-)
    At least that's how I understand it. I would imagine that if such a feat were possible that these JRE's would be getting a lot more press than they currently do.
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