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    We need apps such as banking(bank of america chase wachovia), skype, document editing, shazam, Apps that people use because they need to use them. These are things that people want and need.

    What will this new pdk update bring? How will this change the apps being accepted into the app catalog. Is this what is holding alot of developers from porting iphone apps? Can someone explain.
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    Not sure why this is under Future Palm Devices. This is a current problem with WebOS.
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    In the fall, there will be a whole slew of API enhancements that will allow programmers to do much more. Then expect these apps to begin to appear sometime next year.

    And they WILL appear. Unless HP has their heads up their wazoo, they will work super hard on getting more app developers with a focus on cloud and productivity.

    But it will take a while. WebOS is where Android was back in 2008. It took a full year, but by 2009 Android had all the APIs needed for robust apps. Same with WebOS. It will take a year, but it will happen.

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