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    I don't see why they desevre a thumbs down for annoucing this. Sure, it took them long enough but they finally did it.

    Hmm six weeks ... when did I get mine?
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    I have had my own Treo 270 for several weeks now and have not seen the problem. I guess if the backlight goes out you know all about it right away.

    It's the kind of response to an issue I would expect from Handspring; clean and customer friendly.

    There is no other product like Treo on the market and it is just a teething problem with the new technology. Of course, I may react differently if mine was to go dark. But I would still go for a replacement... I cannot do without Treo Mail at this point.

    This may be a little off topic but I doscovered a new way to do last number redial today - hold down the dial button in the dial pad view. If you press it once the last number dialed appears. Press and hold for a couple of seconds redials the last number. I also really like the last ten number scroll in the same view using the jog rocker.

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