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    I recently got a crappy android tablet from ebay, and I have to say, this community is stellar compared to android, the sheer volume of tools available to webOS devs and users, spawned from the genius from here and webOS internals is phenomenal!!

    I can honestly say, as long as the next palm phone comes out in or before October, and has a dual core (anything less would just be ignorant of market circumstances) I am sticking with webOS, and even if they don't ship with an OMAP4 or Snapdragon MSM8260, and they opt for a crappy 1Ghz Snapdragon or equivalent (**cough cough** iPhone A4 JOKE) I will still probably stick with them.

    But, I think the inevitable has happened, I have spent alot of time tweaking and modding and playing with the ORIGINAL pre (which should have been the pre plus!!), and now...alas, it has become my sturdy, trusty device, I think that the pace of development, although originally relatively fast from palm, has hit an inevitable down trend.

    Obviously to be expected from the HP acquisition, palm can't just carry on business as usual, but the momentum that was so honorably held by this here great forum, and the guys as webOS internals I think is slowing. And as more and more developers defect and concentrate on Android and iPhone, it further solidifies the unfortunate sudo-failure the ORIGINAL pre has come to represent. And it is possible, that after all the money and efforts, palm have become complacent, reassured in the knowledge that HP can bail them out and deliver them the much needed motivation to again reinvent the brand. This is almost self evident with the general slowdown of app releases and patches... I mean, once you've had a device for a year, with all these great tools, you're gona patch all their is to patch.

    However, I am just concerned that too many developers will turn to other platforms in this time of complacency. Even with the introduction of more HotApps competitions to re-motivate devs to stay with webOS, the revenue available through sales on other platforms may just outweigh the possibility of accessing a prize of HP vouchers.

    I do think that developers here and over at webOS internals have been picking up the slack for too long, originally due to the financial power of palm (or lack their of), but now, I fear, due to their own lack of motivation.

    I love webOS, and really want the under-dog to succeed, so I can finally say to all my iPhone Android *******.....HA!!!!And them actually take note!!

    Well, I had no idea this thread was going to either be this long, or talk about what it has... the original title was

    "Does anyone else feel like development is slowing alittle?"

    But I think that some of our here amazing dev's might take this the wrong way, and that would be most unfair!!

    Also, anything in this thread that seems like a gripe or moan, it isn't, it is just my observation on the situation...and remember, I'm in the UK, so my out look will be somewhat different to you Yanks!lol

    So what do you the motivation still there over at palm?
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    I expect motivation AT Palm to be exuberant to the point of giddiness. Motivation of random devs to develop FOR Palm, however... not so much, currently. This may change, but would be a slow process at first. webOS simply needs to reach a certain critical mass of end-user devices; once they have that, everything else will come by itself.

    One thing that I do see HP DESPERATELY pursuing in the short term is to get a document editing suite into the hands of webOS users, and I don't even think they'll go to DataViz or anyone else with a bag of money - I think they are hard at work RIGHT NOW crafting up an official solution that will let you create a word document on your webOS device and send it to your HP printer for printing.

    Incidentally, remember the Mojo Messaging System? Palm were working on it, but then it became quiet around MMS, presumably because the company didn't have the money to turn the project into a product. You can believe that HP will want that part of webOS - the part that lets webOS devices talk to webOS devices in their vicinity - to be implemented soon. They're in it for the networking of devices. With MMS, all devices in a certain vicinity are supposed to be instantly networked just by virtue of being close to each other IIRC.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if HP were to expand the Palm Profile to a more fully-fledged cloud platform in the middle term, to which you can synch almost everything, and from which you can selectively synch whatever you want.
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    Who knows really, but I'm hopeful like most Palm webOS users who have stuck with it.

    The new 1.4.5 Update scheduled to bring PDK full time with memory handling is just around the corner and developers like Astraware announced coming back to Palm is all goodnews!

    Hopefully other developer for iPhone or otherwise begin to take notice and take advantage of this opportunity to port their C and C++ apps over easily using the PDK??

    I'm not a C developer, so I don't know how complicated this process is, but I'm hopeful and either way looking forward to the next webOS update to fix a bunch of things and update.

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