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    Whatever there will be slate , another smartphone, smart printer...or not they said, confused is what hp led us to be.
    A Jedi Knight you must be. Speak like Yoda you do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by runukraine View Post
    Multi-touch toaster just sounds dangerous...
    But a multi-taste toaster would be delicious....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthRepublican View Post
    But a multi-taste toaster would be delicious....
    Who's doing the tasting, you or the toaster?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    That would be sweet to have a webOS enabled car... and I'm not talking about just a GPS/Radio type thing... it could possibly handle all your gages (gas, trip meter, oil pressure, RPMs, etc.) and the display could be fully customizable! Imagine a GPS that turns on your blinkers when the turn you need is coming up. Or automatically starts mapping out gas stations as your tank starts to get low. I mean we are imagining right?
    now this is thinking forward imagine that the car also has sensers and can detect when you can switch lanes, the distance cars are from you and be able to read out texts from your phone, verbally and answer and make calls all synced with your phone which would be on the charger untouched and when your car neds maintnance it can find the nearest repair shop, bring up waranty information, and send your info to the repair center so they know your coming. car notifications would come in webos style
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    Who's doing the tasting, you or the toaster?
    I think since he said multi it'd probably be both lol.
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