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    I may have found one of the main reasons HP purchased Palm!

    I'm looking to replace my old Dell Dimension desktop (2003?). This time I want an all-in-one desktop. I looked at the Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 and the Dell Studio one 19. Then I decided to what HP has and found the HP TouchSmart 600 Quad. This all-in-one has Windows 7 with HP's touch software on top!

    I believe HP is going to replace it's touch software with WebOS! Thank about it - a Windows 7 PC with WebOS!!! I really like HP's all-in-one desktops.

    Heres a video of the current HP TouchSmart pc.

    Edit: After viewing other videos about the HP Touchsmart PCs, I really see HP merging WebOS with the Touchsmart software. Here's another videos that deals with just the Touchmart software.
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    Good video demo find.
    HP has been saying that one of the first items for integration would be a printer.
    We have been suspecting a Slate type device would be first also. As you are thinking it would be nice to see WebOS in a All-In-One PC like you have shown. My thought is that it will be a ways down the road.
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    Hi all,

    This doesn't surprise me at all. After all, webOS has gotten such great reviews!

    I remember reading someplace about 6 months ago, (sorry I don't have a link, we are going to have rely on my memory), that touch screens are going to be the next BIG thing, in monitors. Look at all the cool monitors and tricks our can play with them, on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS & ABC etc. They also make much, great use of touch screen monitors in NCIS:LA. Those monitors are huge & cost a fortune. If I remember correctly, they have a system of small cameras in the corners, to make the resizing and other cool options work.

    Putting webOS as on board OS for the monitor must be far cheaper. The more that HP successfully incorporates webOS into other products, is far better for all of us.

    This will lead to much more $ for webOS design & that will lead to better smart phones down the line! No wonder why HP, said that they didn't buy Palm JUST to be in the smart phone business.

    HP says they are doing to keep Palm as a separate entity. Which means the extra work on webOS for such things as more intuitive touch screens & "smart" printers, goes on Palm's books.

    Take care, Jay
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    hmm, i thought of combining windows xp with web-os a while ago, but this would work even better...
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    Interesting post! Thank you.

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