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    The next Palm Device is supposedly called the C40 and is labeled in Sprints systems as a "smartphone".
    That said, I have no idea will it be.

    What do you want from a next generation WebOS device?

    Some of my thoughts:

    -i really like the keyboard and i hope they stick with the portrait layout

    -a screen comparable to the iPhone4's. (960x640)
    --REAL glass over the screen. like legit freaking glass that wont get frosted after a year.

    -either a microSD slot or some beastly amount of memory like 64gb built-in

    -Tegra 2 or better processor (my pre is clocked at 800mhz and it makes a WORLD of difference over 500mhz)

    -at least 720p video with no less than 5mp main camera and a decent front facing camera

    -revamped app catalog with possibly integrated (with disclaimer of course) support for homebrew apps and MAYBE..... patches

    -i dont care how much it weighs to be honest, get some metal in there to make me feel more confident when i slide the darn thing

    -external stainless or aluminum wouldnt hurt either

    - better, if not just open, access to the microusb port (i dont have nails at all)

    - more phone info in the top bar drop down (battery gps on/off phone on/off etc)

    - homescreen customization with simple things like a music remote and current temperature or something. nothinghuge like facebook but just little interesting pieces of data to make every time you look at the time just that much more informative.

    thats my 2 cents

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    gorilla glass is a must!!!!
    i have the dreaded usb crack

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