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    Here's an FYI if the plastic window of the Treo cover becomes chemically fogged or scratched.

    A few weeks ago, I used the Treo while wearing insect repellent containing DEET, a pretty strong chemical.

    Unfortunately, later that night I noticed that the inside surface of the clear plastic window of the Treo's cover was ruined. The plastic had turned opaque! Apparently, the repellent reacted with the plastic and essentially melted part of the window. Because the window was now opaque, the Treo's screen was unreadable with the lid closed. Imaging what the repellent must do to your face...

    Anyway, gentle soap and water didn't do a thing (for the Treo), nor did eyeglasses cleaner. Handspring wanted something like $150 to replace the plastic window. And the handset insurance company was being difficult.

    So I tried looking for "plastic polish" on the Internet (didn't know if the stuff even existed). Eventually I came across a product by a company called Novus. A local distributor gave me a few samples. I tried using their "#2 plastic polish" (or something like that). Anyway, after about an hour of gentle polishing, the plastic window became transparent again. it literally looks as good as new. I was, and still an, dumbfounded.

    I can't vouch for whether the stuff works on other parts of the phone (I had no need to try it), but it definitely did wonders on the clear plastic window.

    Just and FYI. Not responsible if you melt your phone. No, I don't work for the above-referenced company, etc. etc. :-)
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    Cool! How much does it cost? (and I knew deet did that kind of thing, and have been very careful with it)
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    The Novus kits are around $15.00. Their website is I think the kit includes 2 or 3 of their 2 ounce bottles. The bottles are pretty small, but should be more than enough. I actually used one half of a sample packet (which was the size of a packet of ketchup).

    A word of caution though. Novus seems to sell 3 grades of plastic polish. #1 didn't seem to do anything (not abrasive enough). #2 worked for me. #3 is probably too abrasive (I didn't try it). Also, I had to use #2 over and over again. I probably applied it and cleaned it off 10 times in a row before the plastic window cleared up completely. But it definately worked.
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    I'm not sure exactly what Novus is, but it sounds like a liquid abrasive. Quite possibly a good substitute is Brasso, only it's been a long time since I've used that either and it might be even more obscure than Novus (I'm in Australia, so I don't know where you could buy these things).
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    I also wonder about toothpaste or automobile buffing/polishing compound.
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    Originally posted by tcc
    The Novus kits are around $15.00. Their website is I think the kit includes 2 or 3 of their 2 ounce bottles. The bottles are pretty small, but should be more than enough. I
    Anyone in the Northern Virginia area want to go halfers with me? I can't imagine ever using up more than one bottle worth! Send me a private note on this system if interested.
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    There are a number of products on the market for polishing hairline scratches out of CDs and DVDs - I have some I bought a couple of years ago (don't recall the brand) and have used it with great success on my treo flip, as well as on the display areas of my other cell phones when they got marked up - also to get marks off the crystal of cheapo watches I buy...

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    I was actually suprised because my problem wasn't scratches, but an actual "opaqueness" of the plastic window. Still can't believe it worked without any problems.

    I'm not sure about the commercial CD polishers, but I've have used toothpaste on CDs with success. The only thing that worried me is that after polishing a cd, I noticed really fine scratches from the polishing process. It allowed the CDs to play, but I wouldn't want those fine toothbrush/toothpaste scraches on the plastic window of the phone. It might have been the toothpaste that I used.

    Hesspaul, if you want the Novus polish, you might consider requesting free sample packs from the company. It was enough for me. :-)
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    What? You mean you didn't leave the disposable plastic sticker on the front of your Treo to "protect it"?????

    Just kidding.

    But actually ... I wonder if Fellowes et al. are going to start coming out with disposable clear plastic "window protectors" for Treo, a la WriteRight and other screen protector products.

    Might be a lucrative market for fastidious people such as yours truly. Or then again, maybe I'm the only one who would buy such things.
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    I use the Purplemoo screen protector on the outside flip lid - fits perfect and seems to be a little more durable than the stock shipping protector.

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    Any automotive supply store worth their salt should have plastic polish. It is designed for the lens over your speedometer, headlights and other such parts. I know Meguiars (sp) makes several different products for just that.
    So go fix your treo, and your car too while you're at it.


    P.S. to fix scratches in a cd try car polish instead of toothpaste. It'll fix the scratch with less of the fine scratches. If it's safe for clearcoat and says it wont leave swirl marks it should work fine.
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    You should leave the plastic skin that the cover comes with to protect it, then remove the layer that is on the inside cover and apply it to you screen as a free scratch guard.

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