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    I was just wondering what everyone thought about this. Is palm working on past products too much, when they could be working on newer products? For example, would you rather have palm work on getting pdk (3d) games working on pixi devices or spend that time working on something cool for the next upcoming device?
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    different departments. Software vs hardware...
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    I mean something cool as in software wise for an upcoming device.
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    well the software would work the same on both devices, the OS is scaleable.
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    When technology companies release a new device, they are already working on it's successor.
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    Palm needs to do those things anyway. One reason why PDK doesn't work on the Pixi yet is because it has a different resolution than the Pre. Thus, if Palm ever wants to release a device with a higher resolution than the Pre - which given the facts that 800x480 is the new high end resolution for Android and that Apple just released an iPhone with 960x640 resolution is something that they absolutely have to do - they have to create a PDK which is not dependent on a single screen resolution. If Palm doesn't activate the GPUs on the Pre and Pixi, why should anyone believe that they will activate the GPUs on future devices? The bottom line is that there is a long list of technologies that Palm has to get right before it can release the next cool device and if they can't get them right on their current generation of devices, chances are that they won't get them right on future devices.

    Also, as a long time user of PalmOS devices, I can remember a number of devices which Palm released in the past which received few if any updates and this alienated a lot of users who still refuse to trust Palm to this day. I would hate to see Palm fall back into its old bad habits.
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    Do we even know that Palm is working on a new device at this point? We saw the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus from Verizon and AT&T, but there has been no information to indicate that any new devices are in the works.
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    My guess is that at this point, Palm's roadmap, at least the near term, hasn't changed much. Whatever they were working on before the HP buyout is probably still in the pipeline. I'm sure midterm and longterm plans have already changed, but who knows? I think HP and Palm are allowed to plan together at this point, but neither can do too much without risking legal issues (investor lawsuits, SEC crackdowns/fines, etc.).

    The "new" Palm over the last year has a very, very impressive record of updates (and the updates have targeted all devices - Pre/Pix, Plus and non, CDMA and GSM, probably 8 total). They seemed to have released their hardware with minimal software, and spent the last year turning on various parts (and I'm guessing the remaining unused hardware will turned on soon, maybe WebOS 2.0?).

    I'm sure Palm is still fixing major functionality gaps (API's, recording, GPU, etc.), but there are still lots of optimizations awaiting work. If they optimize the OS, it may even seem like new hardware.
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