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    Many people want Palm to have 4G capability in their next phone but which technology should they focus on? Sprint Nextel is the only carrier that will be using WiMAX 4G while MetroPCS, Verizon, Alltel, AT&T, T-Mobile, China Mobile, KDDI, and Vodafone all seem to have LTE 4G in their plans. Should Palm throw their support and new hardware into technology that is a single carrier platform or should they try for a larger global carrier base with the hope that more carriers will embrace a Palm 4G smartphone therefore getting their phone on more carriers in more countries? True Sprint is the first to roll out its 4G service to the public at large, but most of the other carriers are forecasting LTE 4G rollout buy the end of 2010 or early 2011. While the EVO launch with WiMAX 4G seemed to be successful for Sprint they still are hemorrhaging users and the question is will they support a second 4G phone in their inventory? I think Palm should abandon Sprint and produce the first LTE 4G Smartphone for the rest of the world.
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    Right now, the 4G technology that is working: WiMax. Can't use LTE until it's out. Sprint did WiMax for along time before the EVO. I think Vz will do the same. So why support what is not available now. Also I have read WiMax can be supported/ converted to LTE with software upgrades.
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    LTE is that future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_singh View Post
    LTE is that future.
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    to be the first LTE phone on the market would receive alot of free marketing from the media. So if HPalm want to have an advantage on the market they should do as I say... And make sure it's a good device not something ****ty with LTE
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    What ever carrier that Palm chooses to launch their next generation of smartphone on will dictate what type of 4G technology will be on that phone. It is the carrier that determines the technology, not Palm.
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    LTE only. Sprint is making a massive mistake by betting the ranch on WiMax. If for no other reason than economy of scale. If they are the only ones buying WiMax stuff, the manufacturing costs from their suppliers will be much higher... and they will have to put LTE radios in their phones to permit roaming with a decent level of performance.

    My prediction is that Sprint will eventually be building WiMax or have to merge with every carrier except for VZ and AT&T to have a shot at survival... IMHO.

    Not saying which technology is better, but size and momentum matter. That's why the Android platform is now outselling the iPhone... they have more choices and have created a larger base as a result. Sprint is painting themselves into a corner...
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    HPalm will simply follow whatever is popular on whatever carrier they can get an agreement with. No domestic carrier will make a WebOS device their first "4G" anything. Not until they prove that they can sell without the gimmick.

    Android is already the flagship of every American national carrier except for AT&T. So HPalm will have to follow whatever Android does.
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    Just as Palm now makes phones with different configurations for use on different carriers, it will be no different for future platforms. I feel it is driven by the carriers, not by a current trend of phone.
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    #10 about all of them! That way no matter the carrier, the HPalm devices work!
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    exactly, which carrier WebOS is released on does not matter, from my understaning adding a certain Radio to a cell phone is not troubling at all. As well as Wimax once up and running, can be converted to LTE on a large scale, as well as very fast. They state it would be like how Tmobile upgraded their 3g service. Also Sprint IMO did a smart move incorporating 4G first using Wimax, knowing they can upgrade with no problem to LTE if needed. They did this to get a jump start on the other carriers, and as just showing the sales from day one (320k sold, 100k new subscribers, 220k upgrades) from the EVO speaks for itself.
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    Sprint has already said it can easily switch over to LTE in the future. I thin eventually they will.

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