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    NYT article today says that HP is introducing printers with web access this month (their own email addresses so you can send the print material directly to them) and touch screens.
    Although the NYT article does not mention webos and does mention the iphone, we can all read between the lines. Would be nice though to know what operating system is being run on the printers.
    Looks like they are putting print 7000 print kiosks in retail stores by the end of the year. The article says that this is a way for stores to manage their print on demand costs for their brochures and for people to print out photos. HP is now managing a bunch of outsourced printing operations for companies but doesn't say right now whether these are the same retail stores or photo kiosks that might use these new printers.
    The article also says they are building app stores with 40 app partners to date. For example, Google has signed on for a partner with google docs. Nickoledon and Dr Seuss are building customized wallpaper apps so that people can print out various decorating views at the home decoration stores.
    I hope this succeeds. What I like about this is that it is tapping a market that no one is in right now. And also targeting businesses (who then might buy web enabled smartphones, get it?).
    What is worrisome is that the article says that people print less in a recession. And also smartphones are being used to bypass printers by scanning paperless receipts into airport scanners etc.
    Still the recession has to end soon. And also the technology is not quite there yet for me to trust my smartphone at an amtrak kiosk.
    In all, I think this is a really good sign for HP and webos. I hope they succeed.

    Article link here but you may have to register to read:
    Hewlett-Packard Wants to Print for Smartphones -

    excerpt below:
    "This means that someone can buy Grandma a Web-ready printer and have it pump out photos of the grandchildren without Grandma having to do much of anything. (Except buy that pricey ink.)

    H.P. is also lining up partners for a Web site, the ePrintCenter, which the company envisions as the kind of app store that Apple, Google and others have for their smartphones. The idea is that the partners — so far, H.P. has lined up 40 — can build software and services for its Web printers.

    For example, children, and their parents, could print out coloring books from Crayola, and Dora the Explorer birthday activity packs from Nickelodeon.

    “Now that H.P. is going mass-market with this technology, we will more actively program to it,” said Steve Youngwood, an executive vice president at Nickelodeon.

    H.P. plans to offer a few of these new printers to consumers this month, and then a few more of the products to small businesses in September. It expects to sell more than 15 million of the Web printers by next year."
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    I find it interesting that their purchase of Palm and webOS isn't mentioned once but maybe that is because the deal is not yet complete.
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    Nice piece by Jonathan Ezor on front page about this. I actually used the tip sheet form on the front page to send this to precentral about 10 hours ago but never heard back from them.
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    however only one reply? Guess everyone was busy watching iphone news...

    I find this extremely promising. It would be even greater if future webOS devices would have an "exclusive" on this service, and give the likes of google and apple limited, half assed access like they currently do with microsoft and palm.

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