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    I tried Watson for the first time today:

    ...what a fabulously useful app. Quickly and easy look up everything from movie times to phone numbers to ebay listings to weather, all in one place. So good that apple is implementing it into the next OS X.

    Yes, it makes finding this info much easier on your computer, where it's not all that hard to get to begin with. But try getting that info with Blazer! It would take a several-minute data call to get one piece of info.

    I think this would be an AWESOME app to have on the treo. Like Vindigo it would be a killer app that would significantly enhance its capabilities and value.

    I wrote into their suggestions and requested they port it (especially since they will be losing sales once apple releases their version for free) to the Palm. Maybe some of you could do the same. Or maybe one of you developers could develop something similiar? This is something I would truly pay for.
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    *bump* anyone? Opinions?

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