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    I didn't see this doing a search...

    Dark Side Arises for Phone Apps -

    Looks like Android is way more open to this sort of thing than Palm's WebOS and the iphone...

    Unlike Apple or BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd., Google doesn't have employees dedicated to vetting applications submitted to its Android store. Google said it removes apps that violate its policies, but largely relies on users to alert it to bad software. "We check reactively," said a Google spokesman. "There is no manual bottleneck."
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    I have this concern about rogue apps which may be published via the web only links since this route (as do beta apps) does not go through a review process.
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    Web only apps go through an automated review.

    That's also part of the reason why it's actually a good thing that Palm (and Android and Apple) have a kill-switch for apps.

    It just depends on if you trust them to only use it when necessary for a situation like this. With Palm, I do. With Apple, I wouldn't.

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