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  • tablet

    7 7.37%
  • July / August killa phone 1gz +

    30 31.58%
  • Holiday release - 1.2 ghz

    15 15.79%
  • dud - scrapped

    22 23.16%
  • Pre+ or Pre++ for Sprint

    6 6.32%
  • 2011

    9 9.47%
  • other

    6 6.32%
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    Thank you HP ...

    "HP says it's in the smartphone market, after all "

    What will the c40 be?
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    Palm is going to take their time and let the merger finalize. And lets hope that they use this time to make sure the hardware is impeccable. And launching it on both Sprint and well as all foreign markets...simultaneously!
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    Quote Originally Posted by funkmeisterbrau View Post
    ... What will the c40 be?
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    Ok not too familiar with phone models but what phone is that in the link with WebOS photoshoped onto??? I think that's pretty sexy if it WERE the next Pre2, C40 or whatever they call it.
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    Built from solid unobtanium!
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    I think and have always though that the C40 was a Myth or scrapped
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    I think his latest comments are damage control and Smartphones are not even on the back burner (yet).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    I think and have always though that the C40 was a Myth or scrapped
    The C40 was designed by a team working in Area 51...
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    NEW chip, NEW keyboard - same form factor?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrHeathenScum View Post
    Built from solid unobtanium!
    No it will be made with obtainium
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    Ok, lots of good news & now that the merger is official.

    THIS POLL IS STILL RELEVANT - when/what will the next webOS device be ???

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