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    I am getting really frustrated here. Yahoo mobile basically suck, the Blazer won't load the movie listing page. Even if I go thru and the link there, I still can't load the listings for a zip code search. Can't use either, because Blazer won't do java. Can someone PLEASE tell me what can I do to browse the net more efficiently with my Treo? Another browser maybe?

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    but I want to search by theatre names.
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    I use the Moviefone PQA. It works great and is faster than logging on and finding a website. I think the PQA's are on Palm's website, and probabely on Palmgear.
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    I like the movie listings on Yahoo! thru Avantgo.
    You have to be registered to Yahoo but you can set up all of your movie theaters in your area and it will update the listings everytime you sync for all theaters.

    It shows a list of movies with movie times as well as a really good movie description. I believe many live theaters are listed as well depending on where you live.

    I also like to use it for news, stocks and weather! (and mail if you use YahooMail) It's a nice all-in-one channel.
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    I also use Avantgo, with the Yahoo portal. I list my local theatre to show all of the local show times and a brief description of all of the movies. Use it a lot !
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    Ditto on using Avantgo with Yahoo. Its the best for me.
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    I recommend Vindigo, if it's available for your area. Marvelous service, and the Treo version has hotlinked phone numbers.
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    I agree with Edwards about Vindigo. It works great in Austin, and worked great in Houston. What is really terrific is the ability to update over the airwaves (takes a while so I do it on weekends when I have unlimited minutes), has movies, restaurants and maps, and we even found a museum in Austin we didn't know about (I've lived here 12 years). It is expensive if you don't use it regularly, but great if you go to unfamiliar cities occasionally.

    Voicestream data is unavailable for extended periods pretty often, so having a service like Vindigo that doesn't rely on connecting has significant value.

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