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    I agree the lack of leaks is about the merger. Any leaks could hurt the merger (drive value up/down, start shareholder suit, violate laws, etc.). If Palm wasn't about to be bought, I'm sure someone would have leaked something, but now that they have to worry about the SEC, they are probably being monitored, both internally and externally. This is just true, about any big merger. That is the law, folks.

    I'm sure the leaks will eventually come, but worst case is we have till the end of July. In the meantime, could someone please make sure Hurd speaks clearly and on message?
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    I think if there were some type of leak going, it might have at least given me some pause about my decision to pick up an EVO. I still LOVE WebOS and the Pre is a really nice device, IMO, but I'm traveling a lot lately and want that big EVO screen to keep me entertained on the go.

    For now. I'll be back.
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