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I like where the OP is going. I would take it a step further to something that seems much more possible now that HP has palm. Its called the "Customize & Buy" button that HP puts by all of thier computers.

Everyone has a different idea of the "perfect" phone, and this is becoming more and more clear with the advent of "extreme" options on new phones. This would allow people to pick the phone they want from certain base models and add the options you want just like you would a laptop.

I think this is probably quite a ways off yet (years atleast), but as smartphones begin to mature there will be more processor, memory, screen, camera, and keyboard options. With the connections of HP, I feel that this is closer to reality now than ever before.
I think the breakdown you and OP is referencing is fantastic. Nothing pleases everyone and if you want to compete...give the users Multiple choices at different price points with bigger and better features at a price. No reason to force users into using one or two devices when multiple devices could make HP webOS role in popularity.