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    A few weeks ago I took a trip to San Francisco, from Los Angeles. On the way back, my fiance kept insisting that we stop by the Apple campus and take pictures. Well I agreed but only if we stopped by the Palm offices first. Turns out they are only about 10 minutes from each other. Anyway, we got to Palm and it was just like the corporate pictures we've seen. They had 2 twin buildings with the Palm logo displayed in the front of each. There was also a Palm store, but unfortunately it closes on the weekends. Although, I far as I could tell from peeking in through the window, there wasn't any Palm shirts/hats/etc.
    We were there on the weekend when installing anything from the Palm App Catalog resulted in a failed error message. I thought I'd see a lot of cars from employees who came on the weekend to work on this problem, but I only saw one car, and that person left while I was taking pictures there. It seems like the company was closed for the weekend, actually. Anyway, I was impressed with the facilities and took a few pictures. We'll see if that Palm logo stays up after the HP deal closes.




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    That's pretty cool, I've only been to cali twice and once I was really young and the other time I didn't really get to explore around much. I would love to go and visit la and maybe go to visit the headquarter of some of my favorite companies.
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    Thanks for the pics! Seems like a pretty nondescript typical corporate park facility. I knew the only remaining Palm store was still at HQ since they closed all the others; however I don't recall them ever selling T-shirts etc...
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