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    I have been using TreoMail for a couple of days now, and I usually log on to retrieve mail at night when I am out of the office. However, the treomail server is grabing ALL the email throughout the day and ends up send me everything I have read at the office. I can't find the setting to tell the server only retrieve mail at a certain time. It is getting really annoying to delete 30 emails that I have read, and wasting my connection time. How can I solve this problem, and maybe is there another service (like Aileron) that lets you set a time of retrieval?

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    The only way you can limit that is to just have TreoMail get everything from the last day. TreoMail doesn't sync up with your email server. When a new message comes in, it just copies it to your Treo Mail account. So, it doesn't know that you might have read it already. BaseJet works sort of the same way, but its more of a sync thing.

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    I have my PC remove mail from server automatically, but not the Treo. That way, I only gwt new mail on the Treo. Docs To Go moves mail from my PC to my Treo when I hotsync.

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