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    I remapped the calc silk-screened icon to the PowerOne calculator. But, the icon mapping reverts back to the stock calculator every 5 - 10 times it HotSyncs.

    Anyone know why this could be happening and how to fix it? I've never encountered this problem in any of my previous 7 Palm devices.

    Note: The Datebook and Blazer hardware buttons are also remapped (to DateBk5 and WordSmith, respectively), but aren't affected by this problem. Just the silk-screened icon.



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    again, either Button-T or TreoButton will solve all your mapping problems.
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    Buttons-T's features don't include remapping the Calc icon. It only governs the actions of the jog-dial or flip lid.

    While TreoButton may remap the Calc icon, my first concern is to determine why the OS isn't working properly. Once that is accomplished, I may indeed consider 3rd party solutions.

    Can you shed light on why the OS isn't working properly? I've used about 7 different PalmOS devices since the Pilot5000 in early '96 and have never experienced this kind of problem.

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    I had the same problem with my 180g - after a soft reset, the calc silkscreen button defaulted back to the Calc app. It appears to be a bug related to the updater program because my 'first generation' 180g did not have the problem.

    Handspring did acknowledge that the problem occurs on 'some', but not all units. My guess is they will do nothing to fix this because there are so few 180g's out there compared to the 180k's.

    Anyway, a workaround for this problem is to use a hack which lets you remap the silk screen buttons. I used EasyLaunch, and the remapped setting survived a soft reset.

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    Thanks for shedding light on this strange problem, mfacelle. If I didn't mention it before, I also have a 180g.

    I called Handspring tech support a couple of days ago, but the analyst I spoke to was not aware of this problem. I'm perturbed that this issue was apparently not documented.

    I think I'll call again and complain. After all, the 180g comes with flash ROM. This type of minor bug can be rectified with either an OS flash upgrade (containing multiple fixes) or a simple RAM update patch.

    Thanks again.

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    Today (July 22nd), I spoke with Handspring tech support again about this issue.

    This issue "was" documented a few months ago (even though this tech support rep wasn't aware of it when I spoke to him 5 days ago). The development support group is currently working on a fix. When it is released an announcement will be posted on Handspring's web site and in the newsletter. He did not know where exactly on the web site the announcement would be posted, but my guess is (at least) the Support section. Anyone else experiencing this problem should periodically visit the site over the next couple of months to watch for its release.

    The development support group gave no time estimate for its release. Personally, I doubt it'll take more than a couple of months.

    The fix will most likely be an update patch to be installed into RAM during the course of a regular HotSync (versus an entirely new ROM image). There will be no charge for the patch update.

    I hope this helps others experiencing this minor, yet annoying problem.

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    Wow...If handspring fixes that in a month or two from now...It will be a world record for them acknowledging a fixing a problem.

    Just add it to the list of bug fixes and should-have-had's in the first release of the product.

    I personally have a hard time even having support agree that there is a problem when it documented all over these message boards.

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    Just because about 10 people on this board say they have a problem doesnt make it an issue....

    do you know how much it would take for handspring to write a patch for it, and how much they would loose by admiting it..

    if you were told that they admited it and will fix it then thats a big bonus for them....and besides, who do you guys think did button-t?? handspring, lolt hey felt that the original version of the remapper wasnt good enough....

    and it was released freebie
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    Originally posted by player1
    Just because about 10 people on this board say they have a problem doesnt make it an issue....

    I went through four 180g's, all with the same problem, and Handspring TS acknowledged the problem to me in an e-mail. So it IS an issue, and affects a few more than 10 people (OK, maybe 11, or is that 3 in binary).

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    I don't mean to nit-pick the issue, but for what reason did you exchange the four 180g Treos? Was it the calc remapping problem, or something else?

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    Yes - they were all returned for the calc re-map issue. One of them had an additional problem of not being able to register with the network.

    I strongly suspected a bug with the 180 updater, but Handspring TS noticed the problem with some, but not all units, and said that a 'fresh' unit should solve the problem. I guess I kept getting 'stale' units :-)

    I was given the opportunity to swap my 180g for a 180k, but I opted to return the 180g and bought a 270. I really love the keyboard and don't miss graffiti at all! I installed Newpen and have never used it (except to play with it and test it out).

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    I am wondering is the "bug" isn't jkust a limitation? On most Palm Devices, the Calculator silk screen button only bring up the calculator. BUT, on the Treo 180g, the calc button toggles between advanced mode and basic mode. For example, if you are in advanced mode and want to switch to basic mode, all you would need to do is press the calc button again. On most Palm Devices, you would need to go into the menu options and manually change the Advance/Basic modes.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    I am wondering is the "bug" isn't jkust a limitation?
    It's not a limitation - my 'first generation' 180g re-mapped fine, as did my Visor Deluxe. It only started to happen after the 'updater' was installed.

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    It seems a little odd to exchange a bunch of 180gs for a problem which tech support did not recognize and which is clearly a software bug. HS need to tell people no on these silly exchanges and also get working on a simple fix. But UPS or whomever their package carrier is will be happy...

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