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    I've installed all my apps and hacks onto my 180g. While moving everything from my VIIx, I carefully filtered out all the VIIx specific OS files and apps.

    While everything has been fine for the past 8 days, I've discovered that it no longer automatically goes directly to the Speed Dial app when I open the lid or press the jog dial button (as it should). It doesn't work even if I disable all my hacks and perform a soft reset.

    Anyone know what may have "disabled" this feature, and/or how to restore it? Btw, I'm using the standard application launcher.



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    Install either Button-T or TreoButton, and under their settings, map the flip open field to phonebook.
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    Treobutton again!
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    Thanks for your replies.

    Embarrassingly, I simply forgot that I ALREADY had Buttons-T installed and both options set to <none>. Turns out it was working perfectly. :-}

    Thanks folks for mentioning Buttons-T and TreoButton.

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    As a matter of closure...

    I deleted Buttons-T, and it did fix the "problem". As it should, when I open the lid or press the jog dial button, the OS automatically launches the Speed Dial app.

    Thanks for everyone's help.


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