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    In order to make it easy for people to send me SMS messages, I ask people to page me at mobile@<my> instead of <mobile number>

    mobile@<my> is configured to forward all incoming messages to <mobile number>

    For some reason, the senders email address does not get passed along properly. When I reply to messages sent in this fashion, the senders email is not automatically inserted. (I have to look it up).

    Any ideas?

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    The same happens with VoiceStream. I get send 522 (M) or 533 (E) instead of the email address when I reply.. however sometimes I see the sending email address when reading incoming messages...but when I hit reply.... the number substitute address appears...and goes nowhere when I send the reply... I must then Forward and pick the address... then send.

    Any ideas of help out there would be great.

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