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    I just moved up to a Treo 90 from a Handspring Prism. When I try to enter new contact info I used to be able when putting in phone numbers to use a pull down menu to select mobile for somones cell phone number. It was all set up to synch with my Act2000 database and worked nicely. I could enter either in Act Names or Act2000 or the standard Contacts that came with the Handspring and it would synch just fine. Now when I try the little pulldown menu, it doesn't have any choice for mobile or cell phone. It has these selections: Work, Home, Fax, Company, Work(again a second time!), Purchase, Spouse, and Notes. These last three categories are the from the custom fields I entered in to Contaccts that came with the Treo. Now all my cell phone numbers for everyone are now under the Company heading. I have 1200 contacts all messed up now. Did they somehow screw up this version of Contacts?
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    It sounds more like something really bad happened during the initial sync process. When you got your Treo 90, did you just hook it up and sync everything from your previous device into the Treo? If so, then it's possible that something you had on the other device is wreaking havoc on the Treo. You might need to hard reset, then set the Treo up as a separate user and start from scratch. It shouldn't be too hard to get all your contact and stuff into the Treo, then install all the other stuff you really need, but it's a good idea to tackle those things one at a time rather than all at once. If something IS screwing up the fields in the contact app, then installing a ton of things at once will make it even harder to find the problem if it shows up again.
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    Are you using PocketMirror?
    If so, I had the same problem until I went into PocketMirror's settings and changed the settings to sync the programs categories.

    I am using Outlook and the one problem is that you can't place a contact in multiple categories. Although there are other programs that allow this.

    Even if you're not using PocketMirror. Check the setting in the conduit that you are using.

    Hope this helps.
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    Greg...are you on the Yahoo Handyshopper messageboard too? I think I recognize your photo as one on there.
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    Originally posted by NickC
    Greg...are you on the Yahoo Handyshopper messageboard too? I think I recognize your photo as one on there.
    You mean the group that I own and run? ;-)
    Yes, that's me.
    Hey, if you see any other Greg Gaub's on the internet that aren't me, let me know, I'd like to meet him. ;-) As you can imagine, it's not a common name, and I would imagine even less common in the Palm Economy.

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    I never did see your name...I just remember your picture. You like to post it around I guess.
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    I'm the kind of guy who likes to know what the people I converse with look like, so I am willing to post a photo of myself so that others like me can see what *I* look like. I've been on-line long enough to not worry or care about trying to hide my personal identity. I've used my real name as my registered username/nickname/handle on every site that asks for one since I found that my chosen alias (flux) was taken pretty much everywhere. Since I don't really care for people calling me "Flux" all the time, and I didn't want to put numbers after it like a freaking AOLer, I just used my real name. Imagine that!? ;-) Maybe it's a factor of my age and how long I've been online. I'm too old to go for all the psuedonym and silly avatar crap, but I'm too young to be paranoid about people knowing who I am. It's not as if anyone who wanted to couldn't get my complete bio and credit history anyway. :\ (how's that for paranoid ;-).

    Talk about getting off-topic, though. If you want to PM me, feel free. I'll not post any more on this, though.

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    I was listening to Amnesiac, scrolled down this thread and, BAM! Your avatar came up! Cool!

    - ScottAG
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    Does anybody know who the real Greg Gaub is? I think he is a virtual internet knowledge base.

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