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    A bit of news, and a question.

    Today at Macworld, Steve Jobs announced a new app from Apple: iSync.

    To quote MacInTouch:
    As demonstrated during the keynote, iSync searched out and displayed a new Sony Ericsson cell phone enabled with Bluetooth. With a single button-click, in a matter of seconds, the program transferred all the contact information from the Mac's Address Book to the phone. New cell phones like the Sony Ericsson model can also synchronize and display calendar data, and iSync will transfer schedules from Apple's upcoming iCal application. The synchronization goes both ways: all data on the phone is copied back into the Mac OS X Address Book.
    iSync will also synchronize Palm datebook and contact data in both directions and will upload contact and calendar data into an iPod.
    [End quote]

    The CEO's of Sony Ericsson and Cingular were up on stage with Steve, professing their support and partnership with Apple, and I'm wondering if us Treo users are being left out in the cold. Apple's web site lists only Ericsson phones as being compatible with iSync (so far, presumably more later?)

    Is the Treo bluetooth enabled / capable? Or will that come with GPRS?

    I'm also bummed that even though Cingular has entered the New York market, you can only order a Treo for use in NY by signing up with VoiceStream. It seems like Cingular is a more progressive, forward thinking company, but that may be just marketing hype.

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    Hi Flux,
    As far as I know there is no Bluetooth solution for the Treo (yet?). GPRS is a-comin'.
    If you watch the keynote, however, Steve mentions synching using iSync with devices like the iPod (firewire), GSM phones (bluetooth) and palmtops (USB) - "The Palm" as he calls it.
    So you don't need Bluetooth to be iSync compatible, even though it would be a nice feature if it were built in.
    Let's just hope our Treo doesn't miss the boat on this iSync business (like "PalmOS 4.0 required" or that sort of thing ), since it looks like it's gonna be great!

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