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    I couldn't find another thread on this...

    Does anyone know of an app that stitches multiple SMS together into one big Message? I get email forwarded via SMS and sometimes they get broken up into 7 diff SMSs.

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is a 160 character limititation on SMS's.
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    I wish the SMS program stiched messages togetehr as well.

    One thing that drives me nuts is when people reply to my SMS email messages with quotes text. I'll send a simple note and back comes a 3 message response! (It doesn't help that cingular adds a signature line on my outgoing SMS messages).

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    It sounds like users of SMS need to use the KISSS principle ...

    Keep It Short Stupid

    Doesn't SMS stand for "small message system"?

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    cingular adds a signature at the end of your SMS's?????? are you sure about that? I know for sure that cingular doesn't when sending SMS's originating from a Nokia or Ericsson

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