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    It really dawned on me today that I bet I spend more time reading the forums on than time spent actually using my Pre and all of the apps.
    Anyone else as addicted as I am?
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    Ninety percent of the time, I browse Pre|Central on my Pre. So I do both at the same time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    Ninety percent of the time, I browse Pre|Central on my Pre. So I do both at the same time

    I have the Precentral App. I might as well use it!
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    I too read it on my Pre. Wifey gave me a nasty look in church...
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    since the Pre doesn't really do much yet you have to keep up on what's new. I see myself in the next year less researching on how to change things as WebOS will get a lot better.

    sometimes I feel I only have a data plan for email and precentral. Lol.
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    equal for me, because I am usually reading precentral from my pre. Verizon needs a special data plan for "precentral only" use...
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    Hello. My name is mrdmc, and I am a PreCentral-a-holic. It's been 30 minutes since my last connection....
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    Well, I guess I am multitasking. At least one browser is on Precentral most of the times. I couldnt say that I have precentral up more than drPodder or Scoop (or Feeds), though.
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    sorry to be annoying, but

    'then' = subsequently or soon afterward

    'than' = to introduce the basis of comparison


    'Who spends more time reading PreCentral thAn using their Pre/Pixie?'

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