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    Kupe is right--the skeptics won't be convinced until a new phone is announced with a timetable. And it would behoove Palm to make an announcement soon, especially if they have a 4G phone in the works.
    Also I would imagine the next devices that Palm releases would be much quicker than 6 months. When the Pre was officially announced I imagine the biggest delay was the OS itself and not the physical devices. Palm wasn't sitting on shipments of Pre phones before launch. The next devices should be out much quicker from their announcements. Also now with HP's manufacturers' at their disposal we should be seeing more grander and smoother launches.
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    Everyone is saying that Palm roadmap is still on track, fine. BUT what if the next device on the Palm roadmap is a tablet/slate followed by a new phone.

    Thank about the timing. Before the sale of Palm, they just released the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. Around the same time the iPad was announced/released; and Windows and Android tablets/slates were announced and demoed. The only one that has not announced a tablet/slate is Palm.

    I really believe that the next device on the Palm roadmap is a tablet/slate.

    Edit: HP is saying that the Palm roadmap will be followed. They is happy to follow the Palm roadmap because that next device is a tablet/slate. Also remember that HP canceled the Windows Slate when they announced that they will buy Palm.
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