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    No joke.

    Still using my 755P. I love the form factor. I like the nav-button-thingy. I like using a stylus to pin point where I'm clicking on the screen (if needed - although usually the nav button thing is enough). I like the keyboard.

    I freaking hate iPhones and will never own one. I will never own a phone without a keyboard. I will never own a touch phone where I have to use my fat fingers to try to click, expand, or do anything else to a web page. No interest here.

    Frankly, I have no idea why everybody is so into iphones. I think Apple could sell a turd (thin and painted white) and people would buy it because it came from apple.

    My next phone will be a Blackberry Bold 9650. The minute it's available from Verizon, I'm buying one. I'd have loved to bought another palm device, but the pre and pixi don't do it for me.

    So for future devices - I say, don't ignore the phenominal form factor of the 755P!

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    Instead of getting caught up in the Hardware vs. Software keyboard debate... I say the next WebOs tablet should have a stylus.
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    yeah they did screw themselves - they gave up the traditional business person phone to RIM, never went head to head for the younger ipod generation w an iphone/webos phone. ****ed off the male population with the dumb pixi name (I know lots of dudes w Centros) Then went after the mini geek segment with the cool but problematic pre - again with a non starter name.

    Even so they still need to recapture their base - treo style, and go for the youth evo/droid style. A soccer mom might buy a droid, but a hip 19 year old with money to waste is not buying a soccer mom phone.

    They should have fired the marketing department right away - they shamed the whole company. At least the tech brothers came through with the OS.

    This should be up there with the Betamax for case studies.
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    I came from a Treo 755P to a Pre Plus on Verizon. I loved the specs on the Pre but was tied into a Verizon carrier so I had to wait several months to upgrade. To make the transition, I started using the 755P without a stylus just to get use to using a touch screen. When I got the Pre Plus on the first day Verizon had it available, it changed my life. The synergy, the multi-tasking and the operating system were awesome. I have had none of the hardware issues that some others have had. I love the form factor of the phone. I use it as my primary web browser, email engine and game playing device. The Pre Plus does so much more than the 755P that I don’t miss the old Treo at all. The few things that the 755P had that are missing from the Pre Plus (voice dialing and document editing) are things I found out that I didn’t need because the Universal Search and Document Viewer were adequate for my needs. I have become a Palm Fan Boy and proud of it.
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    THe 755p was awesome for its day, but not today. Today its all about how thin you can make your phone and Multitouch.

    I would be happy if we put a Palm Pre screen on a Pixi though. That would be great.
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    I'd go for this idea, if they made the screen bigger. To me, the Pre+ is the smallest screen I can live with... and the Pixi+ is very close to the 755 in every way but the narrower keyboard...
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    The Pre Plus does so much more than the 755P that I donít miss the old Treo at all.
    I love the Pre, too, but it isn't too accurate to say it does "so much more than the 755p."

    The old Palms could:
    1. stream Video/Music, via Orb, Kinoma, Slingbox, etc.
    2. edit documents (Docs to Go was originally a Palm OS application).
    3. record voice (ok, Pre just got that, in some forms)
    4. quickly show dates in the calendar, beam contacts and programs
    5. easily import/export data
    6. back up/restore applications and application data, using external cards (and run programs loaded on external cards)
    7. play many types of multi-media.
    8. use bluetooth keyboards/printers.
    9. A way more advanced music player (many, in fact).
    10. Oh, run 20,000+ applications available from Palm Gear, and other app catalogs.

    There are some things the pre does better. It has a better camera, synergy, multitask, touchscreen, better 3d gaming.

    I'd say the hardware and OS are much, much better on the Pre (other than lack of external media), but the applications were better on the POS (exception being the great 3d Games from Gameloft).
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.

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