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    I've been able to consistently crash my Treo 180 with Voicestream service by sending it more than five email->SMS messages at the same time, as documented here:

    I've contacted Handspring but their tech support can't reproduce the crash, and they eventually closed my case with no resolution.

    Can anyone else trigger a crash on their Treo?
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    I've never tried to crash it, but I've recieved multiple SMSs within a second of each other, and nothing bad happened.
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    In normal use, people can't type in SMS messages fast enough to trigger the bug.

    But it happens for me consistently when I'm out of coverage for a while (inside the building at work, where there is no signal) and then return to coverage, and then all the messages that should have trickled in during the day get delivered all at once.
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    Can you duplicate the problem when the unit is off? For example: You turn your unit off then send yourself multiple SMS then turn it back on later. It should have the same effect as going out of service and going back into service.

    Also can you duplicate the problem on an empty Treo (ie right after a hard reset and before a hotsync)?
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    Yes, turning it off can substitute for going out of coverage.

    Yes, it still happens after a hard reset.

    Handspring even shipped me a new Treo, and I was able to reproduce the crash on the replacement unit right out of the box.
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    Well it seems that this is a limitation of the SMS app then (based on the documented error on your site). Perhaps a SMS software update would be needed to remedy the problem.

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