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    Zero Gravity launched national service at Comdex Toronto last week.

    Sells the 180 and 270. And has CSD.
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    This is cool. I notice that your GPRS rates are very good. I also noticed that you have October 1st listed for GPRS availability.You must know something that we don't

    It seems that your site is aimed at biz folks and not regular joe consumer... The Skychat prices are steep (compared to what the wholsesaler (FIDO) is promoting....and there is no unlimted evenings and weekends.
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    All SkyChat voice plans include:

    E911, System Access fees, CSD Data, enhanced voice mail, caller ID, 3 way calling, call forwarding and 100 SMS messages.
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    Hmmm, GPRS showing up on carrier services with the 180 and 270. I say GPRS must be a go soon. I like the idea, my wallet seems to dislike it.

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