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    In order to get a better SMS application than the Treo Own which one do you think is the best ?

    I tried FunSms but I guess Treo270 it's not supported
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    FunSMS is designed to work with to send sms from Palms transmitting messages via the IR port to a SMS capable phone that has an IR port.

    two devices are required... you have a treo... one cool device. But I'll echo your request for enhanced SMS software...anybody know of any or developing any... I have the sample code from handspring but I'm a newbie at C and programming for Palm. So... you programmers out there... start making an SMS that will allow for multi-recipients of one message (yes, it will have to loop and send many, but I only have to key it once and easily select the recipients...), also include a dist list capability... also string multi-part SMSs together if split due to being over 160 characters, and then add in multi-alerts until you respond...


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