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    Hi all,

    A webOS tablet may hit the stores in October. This is the first thing I have read, that actually lists a month, (instead of saying 3Q or something to that effect). It also means that Palm must be working feverishly on apps, for a tablet.

    take care, jay

    HP to plunk WebOS onto tablet

    By Bill Ray

    HP to plunk WebOS onto tablet • The Register

    HP will be producing a WebOS-based tablet, to be on the shelves in October along with applications, but there will not be a notebook version.

    The news comes from HP Taiwan, as reported by Digitimes, which reveals that HP reckons notebooks need Windows but consumers will be more forgiving of a tablet-based device which will be ready later this year sporting the newly-acquired WebOS.

    Actually, WebOS isn't even properly acquired yet. The deal to buy Palm won't be completed until the end of July, so we won't have more details about WebOS plans until then. An HP-branded tablet is the obvious home for the finger-driven OS, and any such offering will need to be on shops this year to be taken seriously. But it's nice to get confirmation that Android won't be the only choice for the anti-Apple crowd this Christmas.
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    I would hope we could get some leaked details soon. I'm in the market for a device to sit between my Pre and laptop. Even knowing what size the thing would be could make the difference between me holding off until it arrives or buying the Dell Streak in two weeks in the UK.
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    I wish I was September so I could get it on my birthday but whatever, I just want a WebOS tablet on launch day.

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