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    I just want to take a minute to express my appreciation for the webos supporters on this forum and the developers that have continued to pour all the knowledge into the development of webos. I appreciate you. Witout you, my experience with palm would've potentially been a bust. So it is with a heavy heart that I temporarily am leaving the webos community. I will return to this brilliant os as soon as the next big thing comes along. As a day 1 pre owner, i've seen alot of changes and are still excited for those to come. I'm still supporting the pre world when people ask me and I have not a fowl word to accept I am a product of the timing. I'm going to EVO to disclose everything to my pre family. I will be back given the opportunity and permission from my wife to continue hopping to a new phone annually. Again, I appreciate each and everyone of you and send my best wishes to the developers and that hey get all they deserve. See you soon. Andrew vig (loyal supporter of the webos revolution). Call on me again to join your army. I'm keeping my pre as a tropgy to return when needed.
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    Just because you have eaten of the forbidden fruit (Android), doesnt mean that we will exile you from the garden! Stay aboard and keep posting (if even fromy your Evo).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrewvig View Post
    Call on me again to join your army. I'm keeping my pre as a trophy to return when needed.
    Couldn't ask for a better close. Keep that Pre handy... you never know with Android.
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