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    Been trying to talk her into a pixi but she keeps insisting she is get the LG RUMOR TOUCH. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Thats not comparing apples to oranges, thats comparing apples to stones. We have the orginal rumor right now but get to upgrade in 9days. I showed her videos to compare web use, she says she doesnt care as long as there is facebook. She says she likes the rumor screen size. Even though the pixi might not be as long, the vividness is far better. Ill admit the key size is better on the rumor, but still. The price is even She is gonna regret getting the rumor in 6 months! Errrrrr.

    Had to post it here, you guys are the only ones that would understand my frustration.
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    It's her phone and that shouldn't effect you. You've given her some reasons to think about the Pixi and I'm sure you've shown her WebOS. Let her make her own decisions.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion.
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    I tried to convince a gal I work with to get a Pixi but she ended up getting the HTC Hero. People never listen....
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    Do you think it might be the data plan price that is scaring her away? Also has she went into a store and played with either device? That might be the selling point for at the moment. Also she could really do facebook from any device so that really shouldn't be a key point for her to use in a debate lol. Don't get me wrong the LG Rumor Touch seems like a nice niche/dumbphone but my personal experience in the LG Rumor line has not been the best when it comes to build quality and the device working (sliding) in the proper way. Hope you can talk her into getting a Palm device and keep us posted.
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    I tried talking a girl into a Camaro once and that didn't work too well either.

    I agree with TuffLuffJimmy up there.. you've done what you can. It's all a matter of personal taste. If she gets the Rumor, then you can gently compare your phone to hers down the line and show her what she's missing. WebOS is going to grow quickly in the next couple of years... she'll come around.

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